Due to our style of in-home boarding at one of our dog walkers/handler’s homes, we are limited in our capacity, and thus just do limited boarding for some dogs that we regularly walk. This works out well, as the dog already knows us well, and we already know the dog well. So its not like they’re staying at a stranger’s, but more like a family member's house that they have fun being at.  Someone they already know and trust. 

Also, our philosophy on boarding is that you're going away on vacation, so your dog deserves one too.  Instead of kennels and lack of attention and anxiety, our goal is to make this time as fun as possible for your dog, like a dog vacation for them too. They get all the love, attention, and exercise they can handle, including a nice walk with each night of boarding.  In addition, we do evening activities that include neighborhood strolls, and meals are prepared just like they are at home.  In many situations, dogs get more exercise and attention and fun than they usually get in their regular lives, due to time and work constraints.   We like to make the experience so much fun, they don't even notice that they're away from their parents.

We can also provide you with email updates, so you can have peace of mind, and feel connected and worry-free while you’re gone. So, whether you're visiting family back east, or taking an extended vacation in Europe, you can rest assured your dog will be well taken care of, getting lots of exercise, attention, and love. Occupancy is limited (usually to just a few dogs at a time), so check on availability as soon as you know your travel dates, so you can make sure your pooch’s spot is reserved.

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