Marisa Piovarcsik, Walker, Pack Leader smiling on a path                  Kellen was born in Salinas, CA and grew up in Santa Cruz.  He studied Health Sciences at CSU East Bay and is extremely passionate about public and individual health. As an adult, he's been fortunate enough to live in different regions around the Bay Area, but loves the diversity in ecology and cultural surroundings of the East Bay the most. 

Kellen enjoys spending as much time as he can adventuring in nature with his 6 year old Australian Shepherd Samson. Whether it's rock climbing, trail running, or hiking, they love to explore the many beautiful places around our great state.  His passion for being outside, exercising, exploring, and being with dogs, make this a dream job for Kellen.  He’s excited to share this passion with many more dogs, and be a pack leader. Samson is excited too!  You can check out more of his adventures on his instagram profile @lennycorreal.