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    We help you to have a happy, healthy, and socialized dog.

Welcome to 'In Their Element’ Dog Walks

One day out on the trail, and you'll know why it's called 'In Their Element'.  A walk with 'In Their Element' is not a leash walk among cars and buildings.  This is heading up to a natural environment that the dogs feel connected to, and migrating as a small group for a full hour, with the guidance of a pack leader (one of our staff), where the dogs get a lot of exercise, learn, and have a lot of fun.  In my opinion, this is the most powerful and fun type of walking experience for them, and one of the single best things you can do as an owner to help have a happy, balanced and healthy dog.

I am Glenn Millstone, creator of 'In Their Element' dog walks.   This is much more than just a job for me, and the whole staff.  Working with dogs is a huge passion in our lives, and we take a lot of pride in making a positive difference in your life, and in the life of your dog.

What our clients are saying ...

"Glenn and his crew have been walking our golden doodle for about a year, ever since he was six months old. We could not be happier with the service we receive. We are what some might describe as overly protective dog owners, but we have been totally at ease with the In Their Element team taking care of our puppy. They are prompt, reliable, and take your dog on a serious off-leash hike so they get fantastic exercise. We used to alternate between dog walks and day care, but now rely exclusively on dog walks with In Their Element because our pup is so much happier. Not only do they provide great exercise and social interaction for your dog, but the experience walking with a pack off-leash makes the dogs more obedient and better behaved, both on and off leash. I highly recommend this dog walking service.”

- Spencer W., Oakland

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