Our dog walks are on the trails just outside of Oakland, Piedmont and Berkeley. 

After arriving right at your door to pick up your pup, together with the other dogs in the group, we leave the clutter of the city streets, and head up to the beautiful network of trails in the East Bay Regional Parks. Whether it’s Sibley Regional Preserve, Chabot Regional Park, or some other trail-of-the-day, your dog will have a full hour walk to be truly 'In Their Element'.

'In Their Element' we hike on trails “where we are permitted to be off-leash”, where dogs are able to run, as well as walk, allowing them to get more exercise, and have more fun along the hike. Most dogs on the hikes have earned the privilege of being leash-free, and we only go to parks where they are permitted to be leash-free.  We migrate as a group, with purpose, for a full hour, under the direction and leadership of an experienced and professional pack leader. Our walkers are among the best in the industry, and are trained to provide a safe, structured environment for the dogs, in which they can have fun, exercise, learn, and be socialize with other dogs in their group.  All of this contributes to happy, healthier, and more balanced dogs.

After the hike, your tired, content, and happy dog gets dropped back off right at your house.  So when you get home, you can rest assured they were well exercised during the day, had a ton of fun with their friends, and are ready to spend a quality calm evening with you at home.

A few short questions is all it takes to get your dog started on their dog walks.

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