Q.  How many dogs in each group trail walk?
A.  Up to six dogs in each group.

Q.  How would you describe your walking style?
A.  We migrate as a pack, with purpose, for a complete hour.  One of our incredible staff members are the pack leader, and fully present and engaged as we hike the trail. We are never stagnant or just hanging out.

Q.  How many walks a day do you do?
A.  Our walkers take out two groups a day (Monday - Friday). The first walk is in the morning. The second walk is in the afternoon.

Q.  Where do you go on the weekly group trail hikes?
A.  We utilize the East Bay Regional Park system. Sibley Regional Preserve and Anthony Chabot Regional Park are both common destinations, in a list of many beautiful and scenic parks and trails our area has to offer.

Q.  How long is each walk?
A.  We are walking on the trail for at least one full hour. The dogs are typically out of the house for one and a half to three hours, including the pick-ups and the drop-offs.

Q.  Do you let the dogs go off-leash right away?
A.  No, we go through a series of steps with each dog to get to that point.  Step by step, the dog and the walker gain trust and understanding with each other, and when we’re confident that they will consistently come when called, and will behave safely within the framework of the hike, they are allowed to be fully off-leash, but under voice command.  Safety is always our number priority. About 90% of the dogs are able to make the transition to off-leash hikes. The few that aren’t just stay on-leash the whole hike, and still get an hour of good exercise.

Q.  Are all dogs allowed to come out on the walks?
A.  We don’t accept dogs with significant aggression or social issues. Also, dogs with severe physical limitations may not be able to handle the x of an hour-long walk. All dogs must also be current on their shots, and also on a preventative flea and tick regimen.

Q.  How old must my puppy be before they can start with the weekly group trail walks?
A.  6 months

Q.  Do you walk in the rain?
A.  Yes, for the most part, walks will go on rain or shine.  Most of the dogs love the rain!  However, if the storm is so severe that it becomes a safety issue (a real torrential downpour), then walks will be cancelled that day. 

Q. What are some reasons to use your walking service?
     - if you’re away all day at work (more time than the pooch can hold his bathroom breaks)
     - if you having a hard time meeting your dogs exercise needs
     - if your dog is youthful and energetic
     - if you’d like your dog to learn more social skills (with other dogs and people)
     - if you’d like your dog more relaxed in the evening.  Many times, unwanted behavior at home can be a result of insufficient exercise during the day.
     - if you’d just like your dog to have some extra fun and exercise with other dogs, and supplement your regular neighborhood solo, leash walks


Q. What should I provide with my dog for boarding?
A. Just their food (only enough for the length of that stay), collar with current ID tags, and the Boarding Form (lists their feeding schedule, contact info, etc).   Treats and a couple favorite toys are optional.  We already have leashes, bowls, and doggie beds.

Q. How many dogs do you board at once?
A. In most situations, just a couple at a time. Over the holidays, it may be as many as four to six.

Q. Can you give me email updates while I’m gone, so I know how my dog is doing?
A. Sure, and feel free to call, email, or text any time you’d like an update.

Q. Does the boarding include a walk?
A. Yes, for each night of boarding, it includes a walk the following day.  It does not include a walk on the start day.

Q. How can I make sure my dog gets a spot for boarding while I’m on vacation or out of town?
A. Email the main office (Glenn) to check on the availability of your dates as soon as you know them.  Then we'll see if it’s available, and if so, we can coordinate the transfer details in advance of your trip, so everything is reserved and confirmed.  It’s good to check early, so if the dates aren’t available, you’ll still be able to make alternate arrangements.