Remi with is dogOrin-Rémi has spent his whole life around animals, playing with animals, training animals, trying to understand their world they live in, and how they communicate. In recent years, he's worked as a dog handler at Happy Hound Play and Daycare in Oakland, The Barkmont in Berkeley, and Fetch! Pet Care in Berkeley. He is a student of animal behavior and detail. He developed his aptitude for dogs from waiting for his father who worked as a mechanic. Playing for hours on end with junkyard dogs at a very young age, he would often study the dogs behavior, which grew into a much greater understanding over time. This passion for animals runs in his family, as his mom has her own mustang, does equine body work, and liberty training, which relates to training horses with no ropes or reins, so they have freedom to move around at will, which strengthens the bond between the person and the horse. Orin-Rémi was born in Santa Rosa, and is a graduate of Berkeley High School, and parent to his dog Sugar. He is fluent in French, and skillful in many areas, with a wild appreciation for the natural world and the animals that reside within it.